Current Projects








   Based on a long time engagement as a head of the simulation
   technology in the automotive industry.

> Applications of the computer simulation in the product development:

    Structural Integrity
    Stiffness, strength, fatigue: body in white, engine, suspension
    Structural investigations, interaction with the dummy
    General dynamics
    Oscillations of parts (tire, steering wheel, ...), power train, radiation of the engine
    Flow analyses
    Flow in the engine department, gas/fuel flow in the engine, external aerodynamic
    Performence of the whole vehicle
    Handling, vibrations, acoustics, thermal behavior in the passenger department
    Computer aided manufacturing
    Deep drawing, casting

> Integration the virtual techniques into the design processes:

    Selection of the most efficient methods and preparing it for the different design phases    
    Concept design
    Final design
    Support of the test phase
    Rearrangement of the cooperation between CAD - Simulation - Test
    Arrangements of the time depending decisions for the design progress
    The standardization of the sequences of the design cycles - with
    the integration of a powerful data management